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Our blog discusses new releases, conferences and schools related to our software, as well as numerical and technical issues.

NetKet-friendly Summer School in Toulouse

We are glad to advertise that our dear colleagues in Toulouse are organising a Summer school in April on Machine Learning techniques for Quantum Many-Body Physics. The school will feature several lectures and tutorials on NetKet. On Below you can find the original announcement. Announcement Toulouse School on Machine Learning for Quantum Many-Body Physics that will take place in Toulouse, France (4th-8th April 2022). The school will take place in hybrid format (with both online and onsite students and lecturers)....


NetKet 3 ❤️ Jax

18 months in development, NetKet 3.0 indicates a major new step for the NetKet project. NetKet has been totally rewritten in Python and is now a Jax-based library. This guarantees outstanding performance while allowing researchers to exploit machine-learning frameworks to define advanced Neural-Networks. GPUs and Google’s TPUs are now supported too! Update now and try the new examples!