A Heisenberg Hamiltonian operator.

Class Constructor

Constructs a new Heisenberg given a hilbert space.

Argument Type Description
hilbert netket.hilbert.Hilbert Hilbert space the operator acts on.


Constructs a Heisenberg operator for a 1D system.

>>> import netket as nk
>>> g = nk.graph.Hypercube(length=20, n_dim=1, pbc=True)
>>> hi = nk.hilbert.Spin(s=0.5, total_sz=0, graph=g)
>>> op = nk.operator.Heisenberg(hilbert=hi)
>>> print(op.hilbert.size)

Class Methods


Member function finding the connected elements of the Operator. Starting from a given visible state v, it finds all other visible states v’ such that the matrix element O(v,v’) is different from zero. In general there will be several different connected visible units satisfying this condition, and they are denoted here v’(k), for k=0,1…N_connected.

Argument Type Description
v numpy.ndarray[float64[m, 1]] A constant reference to the visible configuration.


Property Type Description
hilbert netket.hilbert.Hilbert Hilbert space of operator.