Hilbert space composed of qubits.

Class Constructor

Constructs a new Qubit given a graph.

Argument Type Description
graph netket.graph.Graph Graph representation of sites.


Simple qubit hilbert space.

>>> from netket.graph import Hypercube
>>> from netket.hilbert import Qubit
>>> g = Hypercube(length=10,n_dim=2,pbc=True)
>>> hi = Qubit(graph=g)
>>> print(hi.size)

Class Methods


Member function generating uniformely distributed local random states.

Argument Type Description
state numpy.ndarray[float64[m, 1], flags.writeable] A reference to a visible configuration, in output this contains the random state.
rgen std::__1::mersenne_twister_engine<unsigned int, 32ul, 624ul, 397ul, 31ul, 2567483615u, 11ul, 4294967295u, 7ul, 2636928640u, 15ul, 4022730752u, 18ul, 1812433253u> The random number generator.


Test that a new random state is a possible state for the hilbert space.

>>> import netket as nk
>>> import numpy as np
>>> hi = nk.hilbert.Boson(n_max=3, graph=nk.graph.Hypercube(length=5, n_dim=1))
>>> rstate = np.zeros(hi.size)
>>> rg = nk.utils.RandomEngine(seed=1234)
>>> hi.random_vals(rstate, rg)
>>> local_states = hi.local_states
>>> print(rstate[0] in local_states)


Member function updating a visible configuration using the information on where the local changes have been done.

Argument Type Description
v numpy.ndarray[float64[m, 1], flags.writeable] The vector of visible units to be modified.
to_change List[int] A list of which qunatum numbers will be modified.
new_conf List[float] Contains the value that those quantum numbers should take.


Property Type Description
is_discrete bool Whether the hilbert space is discrete.
local_size int Size of the local hilbert space.
local_states list[float] List of discreet local quantum numbers.
size int The number of visible units needed to describe the system.