Built-in Graphs

NetKet provides a library of built-in graphs, that can be accessed specifying the Name tag in the Graph section of the input. A graph specifies the geometrical arrangement of the local degrees of freedom defining the quantum system, and is needed when using built-in Hamiltonians. In other cases, it is not necessary to specify a graph explicitly.


A hypercube lattice of side in dimensions. Periodic boundary conditions can also be imposed.

Parameter Possible values Description Default value
Dimension Integer The dimensionality of the Hypercube None
L Integer The side of the Hypercube None
Pbc Boolean Whether to use periodic boundary conditions True
EdgeColors Map of integer pair to integers The coloring of each edge of the graph 0


    'Name'           : 'Hypercube',
    'L'              : 20,
    'Dimension'      : 1 ,
    'Pbc'            : True,